Making ItUp As I Go Along – Marian Keyes

Like many people I’ve got a bit of the Irish in me. My Great Grandad Jack was from County Cork and the family legend always used to be that he came over in 1916 and changed his surname from Moriarty  to Collins. We’ve since worked out that this may not be strictly true but, in honour of my partly Irish heritage, I claim it is. It is my own personal bit of blarney and I’m sticking to it.

Talking of blarney allow me to introduce you, if you didn’t know her already, to Marian Keyes: one of the original chick-lit authors, an award winner and all-round lovely person. I’m going to confess that, despite selling loads of them, I’ve never read any of her novels but I think that will change pretty soon based on how much I have fallen in love with this woman after reading this collection of articles, blog posts and general chit-chat.making-it-up-as-i-go-along-cover I just hope she’ll forgive me for being so tardy in getting round to it – my excuse being that, working in a book shop I have access to all the books, and that is an awful lot of choice… Anyway, I’m going to say that I’m including her on my girl-crush list (along with Claudia Winkleman, Victoria Coren-Mitchell and Caitlin Moran) and hope that does the trick.

There are musings on all kinds of stuff in here – from the trivial (but important) nail varnish museum to the rather more poignant, like her father’s Alzheimers. She is able to discuss the minutiae of cruise-ship snack foods in great detail and yet skips quite delicately (yet honestly) over her problems with addiction and mental health. Her family and friends all sound wonderful – especially Himself, her adored husband, and her Mammy. In fact the only reason I can see not to love her is jealousy at the number of amazing holidays she goes on. Oh, and getting to meet Robert Plant.

This book is going to be a brilliant present to give so many women (for Mother’s Day, a birthday or just because you love them). If they enjoy issue-led chick-lit, Mrs Brown’s Boys, shoes, make-up or big, warm, messy families then this could be the answer to your gifting needs.




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