Looking forward to2016…

Somehow, this year, I’ve missed most of the ’round-up of 2015′ articles, blog posts and tv specials. Which is probably just as well since the world didn’t seem, on the whole, to have had a good year. For me, on the other hand it was a great year – I had a ‘significant’ birthday complete with a big party with friends and family, had some interesting trips away, ate some great food, heard good music and read so many books I can’t even start to list which were my favourites. As I say, a pretty good year!

Obviously I’m hoping that 2016 will be just as good (although I’m not sure what will be able to replace the Alice 150th Anniversary for me – Best. Anniversary. Ever. ) and I’m having a great time looking at publishing schedules for the year. I love planning so reading through all the articles on forthcoming titles is brilliant for me – I only hope I don’t select so many to read that I don’t have time to keep up. This is always a possibility…Anyway, I thought I would let you know, in no particular order, some of the titles I am already looking forward to in 2016.

New Books by Authors I Already Enjoy

Chris Cleave – Everyone Brave is Forgiven. I have enjoyed every other Chris Cleave book I have read, and particularly loved The Other Hand – one of the most appealing things is the fact that he is capable of writing in so many voices and genres. This one is a historical novel set in the Second World War and is due in April.

Justin Cronin – City of Mirrors. I really want to read this as it finishes off the post-apocalyptic trilogy which started with The Passage. My only problem is that I still have to finish the middle volume and they are substantial books. If I go really quiet for a few weeks chances are I am catching up with the doings of Zero and Amy. Given the June publication date this could happen in the spring…

Francesca Haig – Map of Bones. I reviewed the first book in this series, The Fire Sermon, earlier this year and also met Francesca. I’m not saying that you have to be a lovely person to write a great book but she is and she did…This one is due in April and I have already sent a begging letter to the publisher.

Jasper Fforde – Early Riser. To be honest I’d been hoping for a follow-up to Shades of Grey but maybe E.L. James has put the kibosh on that. Anyway, new Jasper Fforde – squeeeeee!

Hugh Howey – who knows? Hugh is currently sailing around the Caribbean but I’m pretty certain nothing will ever stop his creative flow. My hope is for a follow-up to Sand…

Books by Authors I Really Should Have Read…

Anthony Quinn – Freya – I missed out on reading Curtain Call last year but given how much I enjoy the golden age crime fiction of the 1930s this should be fun.

Curtis Sittenfeld – Eligible. An update of Pride & Prejudice set in modern-day America by an acclaimed author? Sign me up!

Random other stuff

Lucy Mangan – Bookworm. I’ve been an avid reader of Lucy’s Guardian columns in the past so I am looking forward to this, a book about children’s books and loving reading.

William Shatner – Leonard, A Life. A tribute to Leonard Nimoy from Shatner himself. Geek heaven!

There will be a lot more as the year goes on – I haven’t even started to look at this year’s crop of history or science-writing – but I think this is probably enough to keep me going.

What are you looking forward to? Let me know – after all, I’m always willing to add one more book to the to-be-read pile…



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