So. Here’s a challenge for us all…

I’m sure that, like me, you end up making the odd resolution at this time of year. Eat less cake and more vegetables. Exercise more. Remember all the family’s birthdays this year. Some of these may even make it through as far as February (although I’m not making any promises about the cake…) but very few will last all the way to next Christmas. This, however looks like something I might be able to stick to.10346453_1019501471444499_4837610290974026107_n

I’m thinking I’ll have the most trouble with ‘a book I should have read in school’. I read a lot when I was in school (what with not having to go to work or anything) and was the kind of goody two-shoes who read everything she was told to. In fact we had to keep a book diary when I was in secondary school – everyone else got a mark out of 20 each term but the teacher always gave me a percentage….

So, who is up for joining me on this challenge? I reckon this is one we can do!



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