Game of Scones – Jammy Lannister

Ah, December! Season of wind, freezing rain, Slade booming out of every shop and tinsel hanging off everything. And bookshops full of celebrity autobiographies, advent calendars and humorous offerings. Well, I’m a few days into my set of advent stockings (so far chocolate coins mostly…) and I’m planning to start reading my first celebrity autobiography as soon as I’m done with this month’s book group title so let’s take a look at one of this year’s novelty books.

sconesI may be the only person (or at least the last remaining bookseller) not to have read or watched any Game of Thrones at all but my eye was caught by Game of Scones because a) I do love a good pun and b) cake. I have absorbed enough information about George R R Martin’s series of blood and smut soaked high fantasy to be able to appreciate the premise of the humour – recipes entitled Nedible Stark & Traitor’s Walk Treats, Red (Velvet) Wedding Cake and Daenerys’ Dragon Egg & Unsullied Soldiers (without nuts) for example – but the really important question is ‘would I eat these cakes?’ The answer is yes – and not because I’ll eat any old cake you offer me (although that may be true) but because they look like fun versions of regular bakes. Also, who wouldn’t want a reliable recipe for lots and lots of fake, edible blood?



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