Dream a Little Dream of Me – Giovanna Fletcher

dream a little dreamDream a Little Dream is the latest by author/actress/wife of TomfromMcFly and it is a bit of froth. And I have decided that I quite like froth…

The plot is reminiscent of One Day – featuring a group of friends who met at Uni and are still part of a tight-knit group years later – and is largely built around Sarah. Her ex is part of the friendship group but, since they mean more to her than he does, she has to see him frequently. Him and the perfect girlfriend he left her for. And it seems her own brain is conspiring to help her forget him by filling her dreams with visions of the delectable Brett ( a bit player in the group’s student days but now no longer in touch). And who gets to meet their dream boyfriend in real life?

I liked this book because I could identify with Sarah – the weekly pub quizzes, the problems with frizzy hair and the close group of friends. Okay, I’ve not stayed in touch with my Uni mates in quite the same way and we were nowhere near as incestuous a group, but the dynamics of the friends makes perfect sense to me. I also enjoyed the parts that were different from my own experiences – Sarah’s career problems, her seemingly unsupportive mother – because they were convincingly written. I am considerably older than Sarah and her friends but I really felt I could see them growing up as the book progressed. Sarah in particular seems to have accepted that her job and her relationship with her mother are her responsibility – therefore both improve – and she ends up gaining enough self-confidence to accept that the real Brett (who shows up part way through the book) could be as much a part of her life as the dream version was.

So, froth. But froth with humour, good characters (who develop and grow) and just enough tension to keep the pages turning. Perfect summer reading…And considering that TomfromMcFly is one half of the team that brings us the marvellous ‘Dinosaur That Pooped…’ series theirs must be a fun-filled household!



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