Bradford Literature Festival – and so it begins…

Well, here we go! The start of 10 days of events – literary, historical, political and comedic – in the Bradford Literature Festival. We kicked off last night with a few evening events and I got to do the bookstall at the one I really really wanted to see – What The F*** is Normal with the marvellous Francesca Martinez.francesca martinez Funny and inspiring – but mostly funny – Francesca talks about her schooldays, acting career and family. Nothing unusual there you say? Try doing all that with cerebral palsy. In fact try even saying cerebral palsy with cerebral palsy….

This was a fabulous show which celebrated difference. And Francesca’s assertion that you can get through just about anything in life if you are loved as a child reminded me that, although we had very little materially when I was a child, I was loved and happy! I am grateful that I am not disabled but even more thankful that I have such a great family.

The book on which this tour is based is equally funny, angrily political and moving. It is also equally sweary – just to warn those who would be offended. Personally I was even more amused to learn some very colourful signs from the lady who was doing the signing for the deaf. Lizzie was an education in herself!

I would urge you to read this book or, even better, see Francesca when she is on tour. And maybe we could start a campaign to get her on more panel shows. I’d watch that!