Moranthology – Caitlin Moran

I’ll say it now – I am prone to the odd girl-crush. In my eyes Victoria Coren-Mitchell and Claudia Winkleman can do no wrong and I am now adding Caitlin Moran to my list. (This is all fine with my other half, by the way. He is a big Brian Cox fan-boy…).

9780091940898I read How to be a Woman some time ago, on the recommendation of a number of colleagues, and loved its combination of humour, outrage and, let’s be honest, very bad language. I have reviewed her children’s novel – based on her own early life – elsewhere on this blog and I am still looking forward to her forthcoming adult novel (now tantalisingly close) so I am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to get around to reading this collection of her newspaper columns. I’m just going to a) blame it on having so many other things to read and b) admit that I was saving it for a week off when I could read it without too many distractions…

I think the first thing to say is that pretty much all of human life is in here. Again there is the funny (particularly the late night conversations with her husband, who I feel I should be renaming the ‘almost saintly’ Pete Paphides), the political (poverty, protest movements and Prime Ministers who look like ham are all covered) and the downright odd (I’m never going to be able to look a squirrel in the eye again).  Also there is an awful lot about some of my favourite things on tv (Sherlock, Doctor Who, how amazing Benedict Cumberbatch is – all the important stuff) and just the best ever interview with Keith Richards.  There is, once again, rather a lot of swearing but I, personally, have no problem with that.

Caitlin Moran may not have all the answers to the problems of modern life but I think she is getting there. The powers that be may not agree with her solutions but I reckon she is often right. She is also funny, honest and sharper than a drawer full of knives – if we were friends in real life (rather than just in my head) I’m sure we would spend many a happy evening drooling tipsily over the delectable Mr Cumberbatch.



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