Lazy Days – Erlend Loe

This week has been very relaxing.  I’ve had holiday time from work and on Monday I spent a wonderful day at a local spa getting a little head to toe pampering. For me pampering always involves reading so I had to take a book or two with me and, I decided, what could be more appropriately titled than Lazy Days?

9781781855171I read Erlend Loe’s previous book, Doppler, which was basically about a man who has some kind of breakdown and goes off to live in the woods. Where he is adopted by an elk calf after he kills its mother and ends up calling it Bongo. Like you do….This book again involves a man who is unhappy with his life – and especially with the holiday he is on (involving all the things he hates – walking, not being at the theatre and Germany) – and who also seems to have a meltdown.  Mostly involving the things he loves – the theatre and the delectable Nigella. When you describe the plot of these two books they don’t sound very amusing but if you were instead to try to think of key words that spring to mind after reading them you would come up with something much more interesting.  The words that occur to me are ‘darkly quirky’, ‘laugh-out-loud subversive’ and ‘addictive’.

This is a slim book and I finished it somewhere between lunch and the pedicure (although luckily I had popped a second book into my bag) but it was a great read.  Light, refreshing and a perfect palette cleanser between a novel about the Great War and one about hill-farming and badger-baiting in Wales.



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