To be Productive or to not be Productive?

Do you know that feeling where you do a thing – read a book, watch a film, meet a person – and then do what appears to be the absolute opposite?  Not that either thing is better or worse than the other but that they seem like they shouldn’t exist in the same space (or could at least power the Starship Enterprise with their matter/anti-matteriness)? Well, thats how I have been recently – and it is my totally valid excuse for not having posted for a while…..

Firstly, I read an excellent book on productivity. No, come back – honestly it was really interesting!  How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott is down to earth, light in tone and really, really useful. It recognises that we all need to work more productively – whether we are CEOs or full-time carers – and gives lots of good ideas for how to achieve that. 9781848316836 It starts off with an acknowledgement that we are now living in a world which bombards us all with enough information to make even Brian Cox’s head spin and remind us that we are not superhuman – we have permission to just do our best.

I would say the main thing that I have taken from this book (during a 3 hour train journey – way to use my time productively or what?) is that we all work better on one thing at a time.  If we are constantly trying to keep up with email, Twitter, Facebook and everyone else’s demands on our time we will get much less done – if nothing else, I have learned that it is better to turn off these distactions and to learn to say no to others.  I’m not yet a Ninja (the real reason I started the book – who wouldn’t want to be a Ninja?) but my email inbox now hovers around empty rather than bulging with hundreds of ‘things I might need’.

Which brings me to the reason why I am not yet a paragon of productivity. Oh, alright, one of the reasons…..9781845026509

I am getting a little bit fed up of the ‘Keep Calm and……’ theme, as I’m sure many people are, and I know the world is already jammed full with books, pictures and amusing videos of cats but, but, but……I just couldn’t resist this. Call me weak (and send me another YouTube clip of cats getting into tiny little spaces) but sometimes it is quite relaxing to just sit and contemplate your cat. And absorb the wisdom of quotes like ‘the trouble with cats is that they’ve got no tact’ (P.G. Wodehouse) or ‘there are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats’ (anonymous).  While there are still cats in the world I will never become 100% productive. Which is a relief….



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