Cupcakes – Peggy Porschen

Baking Success! Image

This Lemon and Raspberry cupcake is  the first recipe I’ve attempted from ‘Cupcakes’ and I think I’ve done alright.  The flavours make for a really refreshing cake that would probably be better suited to a summer party rather than as I made for giving out over Christmas.  I wouldn’t change anything about the recipe itself – however  smaller, maybe more decorative cases and a better piping kit are now on my shopping list.  As you can see from the picture, the cupcake itself is fairly plain looking and the same goes for a lot of the cupcakes in this book, so it’s really hard to hide dodgy icing but (maybe it’s my sweet tooth talking here), the simplicity is stunning and every single cupcake in this book looks so tempting.

A word of warning though,  having seen other Porschen cake books,  I was expecting a big book so was slightly disappointed when ‘Cupcakes’ arrived and was miniscule by comparison.  I’m used to big chunky cook books and flicking through them for hours looking for inspiration or one single recipe but in Porschen’s favour, she’s packed in a lot of great ideas and with not a single recipe I wouldn’t try, I can’t see any filler.  This book isn’t going to teach you how to bake but it provides so much inspiration for those fairly competent at baking.  The usual recipes such as Chocolate and Red Velvet which will appeal to all are included however, there’s plenty of really grown-up feeling ideas. I love the recipes that are basically miniaturised classic desserts made into cupcakes like Lemon Meringue, Black Forest and Eton Mess as well as the seasonal ones such as the Mulled Wine and Gingerbread cupcakes that would be perfect to give as gifts. The final thing that I really liked about this book is the frosting and syrup lists on the last couple of pages, great for jazzing up some boring buns and I’m a total convert to syrup brushing now,  it adds so much extra flavour.

Overall for £6.99, this book is brilliant value for money and it is a perfect little gift book for anybody into baking with its brilliant ideas and tips.


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