The Book Diet


Happy New Year!

I hadn’t really planned on making any resolutions this year until I was trying to organise the books I’d been given for Christmas and realised just how many unread ones I had.  It’s not that my reading has pace has slowed at all, it’s just that I have a complete lack of self control when it comes to obtaining  books.  The books in the picture make up the pile currently residing under the bed made up of recent and old purchases,  books lent, books given, books picked up in charity shops and freebies from publishers.  Some of these books have been plucked from my bookcases after browsing, some have come straight home and joined the pile, some have been there months, some added in recent weeks.  What’s special about these books is that I plan on ALL of them being my very next read (see my problem yet!?!).

So my plan for January is to tackle the pile under the bed (or at least make it go down a bit) and to do this, I’m on a strict book diet for the month – no new purchases for a month! This probably seems a really strange thing for person who make a living from selling books to be advocating however it’s only temporary and of course on the plus side, it means I will have plenty more room for shiny new books next month (although I have been thinking that all of this could be avoided if I could take a paid reading holiday from work, I really think that should exist…maybe some kind of sabbatical?)

So on to the first book in the pile,  Diane Setterfield’s ‘ The Thirteenth Tale’.  I’ve had this book for about six years (yes really….) and had totally forgotten about it until I was given a proof copy of her second book, the wonderful  “Bellman & Black” and dug out my copy and put it on the pile hoping to read it before the mini-series aired on BBC1.  Well I’ve obviously missed that deadline but I’m determined to move it to the ‘read’ pile before the end of this month.

Wish me luck and no distractions!


4 thoughts on “The Book Diet

  1. I have the same problem. I’ve even resorted to getting rid of books without reading them, having realised that they were so far down the pile they weren’t going to get read in the next year, and by then many more would take their place. It was a very painful thing to do first time!

  2. Do you think we should be starting some kind of self-help group? The walls of my house are starting to bulge with all the books I have got to read – I’d take a photo if I could find the wide-angle lens…..

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