12 Books of Christmas – #7 Fault In Our Stars – John Green


Finally with ‘Fault In Our Stars’ Green has broken out of the teen category and has become one of the bestselling Fiction authors of this year.  After reading several other Green novels, I was slightly worried when I read the blurb for ‘Fault In Our Stars’ about Hazel, a teen with terminal cancer.  There are already several successful (and rightly so) novels featuring seriously ill or dying children and teens and I wasn’t sure that the YA market needed anymore but ‘Fault In Our Stars’ is probably one of the best in its genre.

Hazel is suffering from Thyroid Cancer and when out of hospital is content to be like any other teen her age, relaxing at home and slobbing out in front of the TV.  Worried about her, Hazel’s parents insist that she tries attending a Teen Cancer Support group which she does reluctantly.  Despite sharing an illness,  Hazel fears she was right about her hesitation as she has nothing else in common with all the other sick kids, that is until the very cool Augustus Waters walks in.  Hazel is drawn to Augustus because, like her, he wants to act like any other teen and as they both know all about the illness, there’s always an unspoken understanding between them about what they can and can’t do, something even their families have trouble coping with.  Despite not meaning to, the inevitable happens and a very sweet and very normal teen romance begins and this is where John Green really succeeds as all the clumsy/awkward/fun parts of a new relationship take precedence over their respective physical problems.  I really don’t want to spoil the ending, but right up until the end, you are pretty sure you know how the story is going to end and in a sense as a reader you accept that but then everything changes and honestly you will not be expecting it.  I remember putting the book down after the last page and not knowing how to describe how I felt,  looking back I think it’s because I was in shock but now, I think it’s the sign of a brilliant book especially as several months on, I’m still thinking about that ending.


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