12 Books of Christmas – #4 Eat – Nigel Slater

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I’d like to say that I’m completely unbiased when talking about Nigel Slater’s books however I’d compare the moment I opened my signed copy of ‘Eat’ (thanks HarperCollins!) to that of Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler receiving her tiara from Sheldon.  If there’s a cookery show on TV, its more than likely that I’m watching it and there’s a really strong offering of tie-in books this Christmas from the GBBO,  Jamie O, Paul Hollywood, Tom Kerridge, Rick Stein, Lorraine Pascale and the list goes on.  I own several of these cookbooks and they are very good however Nigel Slater’s latest is something really special.  I’ve heard Slater being described as a cook rather than a chef and I think that’s what sets his cookery books apart from the others, there’s no hard to source ingredients nor a need for a profesional kitchen and although all his dishes look stunning, you can expect to produce a dish which seemingly resembles the original.  The recipes in ‘Eat’ feel easy, often combining just a few ingredients and playing upon either nostalgia (Mac and Cheese) or exciting combinations (Strawberry and Cucumber Salad) to get your taste buds tingling.  The one note of warning I would give is that although ‘Eat’ has been published simultaneously with the airing of ‘Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen’, it is not a direct T.V tie-in, something that has led to confusion previously as Slater treats his books and TV work as separate entities, however the recipes in ‘Eat’ are strong enough on their own not to need a show to promote them.


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