The Chronicles of Narmo – Caitlin Moran


I very much enjoyed Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to Be a Woman’ so I was fascinated to see this – described as the way she found out ‘how to be a girl’. Written when she was in her mid-teens this is a very funny and assured novel – but it really does read like the inner life of an young girl. Okay, the events are, hopefully, invented – there is a loaf of bread that seems to last for months and no-one dares to ask what went in it to make it so, well, indestructible – but the feelings are spot on.

The book is very funny – I started reading it last night while my other half was trying to get to sleep. I apologise now for all the stifled giggling. At least when I finished it this morning I was on my own and could guffaw all I liked. It is listed as a children’s book – I would say it is suitable for kids from about 9 – but the experience of being a teenager is fairly timeless so I think that any adult who remembers their own childhood without rose tinted glasses should enjoy this. Think of it as a cross between Adrian Mole and tv’s Outnumbered…

What I am really getting excited about is the fact that Caitlin Moran appears to be writing her first adult novel – at the moment it is untitled but scheduled for June 2014. It is probably just as well that I will have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime…..


3 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Narmo – Caitlin Moran

  1. Jane – This is on my reading pile – you’ve beaten me to it! You’re review has defo made it move up the list, doubly so now I’ve found out it was written when Moran was just 15! Sounds like it’s partly biographical and readers would see similarities between ‘How To Be A Woman’ and ‘Chronicles of Narmo’, a bit like with Jeanette Winterson’s ‘Orange’s Are Not The Only Fruit’ and ‘Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?’, what do you think after reading it?

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