Minding my Peas and Queues….

A colleague and I spent yesterday evening at the wonderful St George’s Hall in Bradford doing a bookstall for the new book by Sandi Toksvig.


I really enjoy doing these outside events – getting out to meet customers in a new setting, going back to basics (and doing all the sums in our heads) and, of course, meeting the author.  Last night we got a bonus as we also had the chance to see the show (Nazia saw the first half and I went in after the interval)  which doesn’t always happen.  Much better than spending the evening sitting in the foyer listening to the laughter, gasps and applause from the auditorium and one of the best ways, by far, to spend a shift at work.

I did spend the first half, while I was in the foyer, catching up with reading the book which we were selling – Peas & Queues: the Minefield of Modern manners. Luckily the doors between the audience and me were closed (and fairly thick) as I was chortling away quite loudly – the book is a rather witty blend of Scandinavian common sense and gentle humour. And a surprisingly large amount of history. Although not so surprising when you think how good Ms Toksvig is on shows like QI…..

I guess I am old enough to appreciate good manners and I hope I was brought up well enough to have them. Certainly after reading this I will be trying to remember how to be courteous whenever possible! Maybe I should keep Sandi Toksvig’s example in mind as she was charm itself with the members of the audience who queued to get their books signed.




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