Coffee and cake to go with your book?

Since the early part of this year we have been running our own coffee shop upstairs on the mezzanine floor.  It has been a learning experience for us all but, I’m proud to say, my cappucinos are really quite good now – our lead barista, Luke, has promised to teach me how to do latte art next.

I’ve never been a huge coffee fan myself (mine’s an Earl Grey…..) but I do like our blend. Apparently it is quite mellow and citrussy. And it keeps me going on a busy day. What I am a fan of, however, is cake. Which also keeps me going on a busy day. So it is possibly a good thing that we stock such a wide range of cakes and traybakes. I have been working my way through as many as I can as I feel it is my duty, as a conscientious bookseller, to be able to advise customers on which product is best for their needs. I think my current favourites are the Blueberry Crumble traybake and the Cranberry and Orange cake. With cream.


The best thing is that we are going to be getting in lots of new products soon – for the autumn and winter season – so there will be plenty more to try. I reckon Bex will be going for the Spiced Hot Chocolate and an Amaretti Betty. Me? I fancy a Caramel Crunch Cappucino and some Cinnamon Shortbread. And then a days hard work to burn off the calories!

All the new products should be with us soon. You’ll just have to keep popping in so you don’t miss them…..



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