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I’ve got to admit, after hearing the news about poor old Mark Darcy’s demise just a couple of days before publication,  I did a complete 360 going from ‘new Bridget Jones?  I can not wait’ to ‘oh my god, what has she done, I will NEVER EVER read this’ through to ‘well I might just give it a go when the paperback is published’ to actually seeing the book on the shelf and thinking ‘I’ll read the first few pages to see if it mentions the death…oh I’m hooked’.  Like many other loyal Bridget fans, I think I went through the full grieving process for our modern day Mr. Darcy and whilst some can’t get over it and feel that Fielding has jumped the shark,  I’m really glad that I decided to read the third installment.

bridget jones

I was only a couple of chapters into the book,  when by chance I caught Fielding on Simon Mayo’s Drive Time and she was discussing how the only way to get Bridget back on the dating scene was obviously to make her single again. But she felt that there was no way Mark would ever leave Bridget which only left her with the option of killing him off. I completely agree that Bridget and Mark would never divorce and even though in reality many ‘seemabsolutleyperfectforeachother’ couples do end up divorcing several years down the line, nobody ever wants the fictional fairytale couples to do that.  They are supposed to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after and I’m glad that Bridget and Mark get this. I briefly questioned why we couldn’t have a third book with Bridget juggling motherhood and modern life with Mark Darcy there in the background.  It’s been done before,  Sophie Kinsella married off Rebecca Bloomwood in Book 3 of the Shopaholic series with career, baby and house move providing enough material for further books.  Thinking about it though, I’m just not convinced there would not be enough of a storyline to bring Bridget back like this and as much as we love Bridget and Mark together,  we all first fell in love with hapless singleton Bridget.  Simply the advancements in technology and the knock-on changes in the dating scene makes bringing back a single Bridget worthwhile.

Onto the book itself, I’m not going to say much as I don’t want to give anything away however,  many of the favourite characters are back with Tom and Jude still looking for love,  Bridget’s Mum and Una still as bonkers as ever and Daniel Cleaver is still…Daniel Cleaver.  The plot itself, once you take away the children and Bridget’s disastrous attempt at being a scriptwriter, reminds me a lot of the original novel with Bridget going from sad singleton to having romantic prospects in two characters as opposite as Daniel and Mark and once again, it becomes apparent to the reader first which one she must choose…

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy – ‘I heart you’


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