A little bit of excitement at work

ImageI work in this beautiful old building and this is, usually, a wonderful thing. It can be very inspiring in quiet moments to gaze at the marble pillars, the statue of Cobden, the arched windows and the carved kings in the roof (before leaping onto the next trolly of stock to be shelved). Customers frequently ask us what the building was as it looks as if it was a church or a Jewish temple (there are a lot of Stars of David around the roof) – in fact it was used for trading fleeces. Hence the name, the Wool Exchange.

Usually the late shift is leaving around 6pm but tonight we were expecting a delivery of new tables so a group of staff were still there when I was leaving at about 6. Just as well – as the beautiful old roof is a little unreliable in heavy rain which is just what we had this evening. One minute I was looking out of the window and thinking of the word ‘stair-rods’ and the next I realised that there was nearly as much rain falling in some parts of the shop as there was outside…

Luckily we were able to move all the stock out of the way of the deluge and when I left the shopfitters were starting to sort out the new tables. I’m really looking forward to getting in to work tomorrow and seeing what the new layout looks like.



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