Shake – Carli Davidson

ImageSo, to change the mood a little here is a preview of a book, due out next month, which didn’t take me too long to read! I’m just not sure why somebody hasn’t thought of a book of photos of dogs shaking before..

Some days what you really need are some pictures of animals doing something cute and/or amusing. This seems to be the main function of the internet (in my house, anyway…..) and now we have this book. A collection of dogs shaking. I can’t quite decide which is my favourite – Buddy Nixon, the pug who bears an uncanny resemblance to Gollum, London and Ramen Noodle, who don’t seem to let a shortage of limbs hold them back in the shaking department, or Greta and Minute Dog, Hungarian Pulis (or possibly mops, it is hard to tell). My shortlist would have to include KaDee the Springer (because he reminds me of my sister’s dog, Bilbo), Horus the Great Dane (who looks very much like Shadow, sadly no longer with us) and Zorro the Saluki (who looks like the dog version of a model tossing her hair around in a shampoo advert) but I think my absolute top dog is Howard. I think I’d would be hard pushed to say what breed he is (most of them, probably) and he is not a beautiful dog but I do love the photo.

This book is mostly about the photos but the photographer does include a few pages telling us about why and how she created the images. Apparently 70% of the dogs are rescue animals but I would say 100% of them are much-loved pets….



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